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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Now that the series is done, I can finally say that last year I made some sculptures for the TV-series "Anne with an E" under the supervision of Jacques Fortier and John Archbell. It was my first time working in this medium, learning on the job and developing my own style.

I had to make six different sculptures, as Jacques guided me along the process, coming up with the ideas for the poses. The fun part was to re-create these six sculptures a few more times - as film frequently needs copies and doubles of everything.

#firsttime #tvseries #learning

It's been a while since my last letter in August, when I just finished shadowing director Sudz Sutherland on a tv-series "Private Eyes". Come say hi to me in Washington, DC during the DCEFF festival March 15-18, and at Toronto's screening on March 24 at 3 pm at HotDocs Cinema. Or watch an interview from the Wild & Scenic Fest in California.

#filmfestivals #travel #usa #kukama #toronto

After attending Wild & Scenic Film Festival in January, I travelled to San Francisco, the city from my bucket list. Many wonderful things happened there, and one of them was meeting and filming my personal hero - a poet, a writer, a feminist, an LGBT activist and a philosopher Judy Grahn, for the "Moon Cycles" documentary. Dreams do come true!

#filmfestivals #travel #usa #lifetimeofmemories #mooncycles #heroes

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