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Every Place has a Spirit

My philosophy revolves around belief that every place has a spirit. Some of these places have a stronger impact on me. In return I depict evoked feelings. It becomes a dance of the place with my inner emotional state. These are often self-portraits, but occasionally I use other beings to help me express what's going on. Perhaps it is my way of searching for true self or escape into alternative reality. Perhaps those are the stories these places are trying to tell me. Or maybe, just maybe these are the metaphorical shapes and colours of the spirits each place has inherited throughout it's course of existence. 


Ongoing series


Photographs for sale, printed on archival paper, limited editions of 10, signed and inspected by the artist. Available sizes (in inches):

10x10 - $150

10x15 - $200

15x15 - $300

15x22 - $400

20x20 - $450

20x30 - $500

Unframed, shipping extra, shipping worldwide

Order here:

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