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Ugly dolls films I and II

stop motion animation

What the...?

It all started when Belianina's friend Sergei Wild showed her few of his handmade dolls and left 2 of them at her house. At first she was horrified of them and couldn't even touch them for weeks! But one morning she suddenly realized, that they are not evil. It's not their fault they're so ugly. So Nika created a series of photographs with them on the ice. This diminished her fears, as she also sold a few of those photographs. To express her new feelings towards these ugly dolls, she created two short films. 

Not recommended for kids under 12 y.o.

Production Type: Short animation

Genre: fantasy
Production Type: Pixilation
Year: 2008
Part I - 
 "Watching the Sun" explains why they look ugly. (Running time 01:54) 
Part II - "1 wish" - what they may dream of. (Running time 03:30) 
Language: English

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Part I. Watching the Sun
Part II. One Wish


  • Both films premiered at Coney Island Film Festival, USA in 2008

  • "Watching the Sun" was also screened at "Night at the Indies" series in Canada.

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Fun fact:

During the filming of "1 wish" the doll was thrown up in the air numerous times. The doll hit the tree branches with its head during some of those throws. When Nika got home, she saw something like a bloody bruise on the dolls head, where it got hit the most... It seems all to real, so she apologized to the doll for being unintentionally mean to it. 

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