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Magic Nature

At night the world transforms from the familiar to mystical. Shapes and sounds take new meanings, as the Universe above reveals itself in all its majesty. Its beauty hypnotizes and pulls us in. The forest itself becomes a hero of a fairytale, blurring the line between real and imagined. 


Shot using in-camera techniques, these images appear to have a painterly feeling, depicting a vulnerable moment of the new beginnings - vibrant colours of life, persistent nature's way, desire to reach out, to feel, to touch.

ND Photo awards Honorable mention for "Magic Forest" images

Ongoing exploration

Photographs for sale, printed on archival watercolour paper to enhance its painterly appearance and texture, limited edition, signed and inspected by the artist. Available sizes (in inches):

10x10 - $150

10x15 - $200

15x15 - $300

15x22 - $400

20x20 - $450

20x30 - $500

Unframed, shipping extra, shipping worldwide

Order here:

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