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Eccentric Eclectic



"Eccentric Eclectic" is a documentary about creative freedom and the love of music in all its forms. In a collection of comical and musical vignettes the film explores a very special place - the Electric Eclectics festival of experimental music and sound art. Kind of like if Burning Man and Woodstock had a provincial Canadian kid - this would be it. Situated upon the hills of the Funny Farm, this word of mouth festival is run by renown sound artist Gordon Monahan and musician Chris Worden. Its space is uniquely transformed by installation artist and collector Laura Kikauka. The film follows musicians, artists and art lovers from Canada and USA who share with us their art and passions. It's Nika Belianina's first feature. 

Production Type: Feature Documentary

Genre: Arts & culture, music, sound art, comedy
Written/directed by: Nika Belianina

Year: 2015 
Length: 86 mins 
Country of production: Canada 
Language: English, some Russian, with English subtitles
Produced by: Clarkwork Productions & Write.Right Films 

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Gordon Monahan (distinguished sound installation artist), Laura Kikauka (excessive aesthetics style artist), Christ Worden (festival's co-director and musician), Jaymz Bee (iconic Canadian impresario and host), Richard Belzer (US actor, "Law & Order") as Mr. John Eclectic and introducing Sophia Petrenko with Alice Petrov


Shelley Hirsch, Lary 7, Apetechnology, Petra Glynt, Music for Lamps and Mary Margaret O'Hara


  • Lumen Arts Collective film screening, Brighton, UK, October 4, 2016 

  • Festival 23, UK, July 2016

  • WINNER "Best Documentary" at Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival, June, 2016, Arizona, USA

  • The Edge of Wrong 10th Annual Festival, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Guelph Documentary Film Festival, November 2015, Canada

  • Electric Eclectics festival, July 31-Aug 2 2015, Meaford Canada

  • Sound On Screen Music Film Festival in Cape Town, August 2015, South Africa

  • Suoni Per il Popolo Festival, June 2015, Montreal, Canada

  • World Premiere on February 7th, 2015 at 21st Victoria Film Festival, BC, Canada

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video excerpts

Petra Glynt

"Fantasy field"

The Look People - 19 year reunion (bonus feature)

Peter Lebel

16mm projectors


"It's one aspect of independent music and art that we don't often include. Very much enjoyed."

"I need to get to the Eccentric Eclectic festival, as it's really the place for me. Well produced doc that puts the spotlight on something I would never have found even if I tried. Loved it!"

"A good music doc that opened my eyes and ears to something new. Well shot and captivating. "


"striking images and sounds"

"It's a surprisingly refreshing and humorous film. Great camera work, great editing, great mix, great music. Well done"

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