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The Robbery

short film

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"The Robbery" is about two sets of armed robbers who head into the same convenience store and encounter not only old friends, but the complexities of splitting the score based on racial, social and economic values.

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  • Genre: comedy, political satire, female filmmaker, identity politics

  • Written by: Yusuf Gad

  • Directed by: Nika Belianina

  • Starring: Cindy Sampson, Joris Jarsky, Jajube Mandiela

  • Year:  2020 

  • Length: 10:10

  • Language: English

  • Produced by: Write.Right Films 

For more info please contact write.right @

Instagram: @robberyshortfilm


Produced by a dedicated team of individuals, including Cindy Sampson, Alex Jordan, Nika Belianina, Gord Elliston, Derek Liscoumb, Lindsay King and Danny Sedore

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