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Crazy   Lovin'

short film


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? And who knows what secrets a man hides from his wife. In this quirky tragi-comedy a man, Mr. Lovin, tries to keep his friends from bothering his wife. Poor Mr. Lovin has a multiple personality disorder. Though frequent remedies fail, the mad psychiatrist releases his inmate/patient back to his ever lovin' wife's warm embrace. But the friends come home too. To the tragic detriment of Mrs. Lovin. This black and white short film portrays the surreal world of confusion, where love struggles to be heard. The question is whose love is stronger. 

Production Type: Short fiction

Genre: drama, surreal dark comedy
Production Type: Fiction Film
Running Time: 18 mins 35 sec
Year: 2007
Language: English

Written/directed by: Nika Belianina

Produced by: Clarkwork Productions

Starring: Greg Spottiswood, Geza Kovacs

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  • WINNER of Svirskiy Mif, Podporojie, Russia, 2007

  • CERTIFICATE OF MERIT for cinematic excellence at the 50th Rochester International Film Festival, USA, 2008

  • Special screening at Maryland International Film Festival, USA, 2007

  • Independents' Film Festival, Florida, USA, 2007

  • Education Channel screening as a part of the Independent's Film Festival festival, USA, 2007

  • Coney Island Film Festival, New York, USA, 2007

  • Kino Art Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2007

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Fun Facts:

  • The film is loosely based on a real story, which Nika heard at one psychiatric clinic, while studying psychology in Russia. 

  • This is Belianina's first collaboration with Clark Johnson.

  • This film is mentioned and depicted on the front cover of CinemAction magazine, "Les ecrans de la deraison", 2016 edition by Jocelyn Dupont, Conde-sur-Noireau, France

  • Nika Belianina is credited here as Veronika

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