Funny Farm

Funny Farm is a unique place in Ontario, Canada, where two distinguished world renown artists live and work. Laura Kikauka is an installation artist. Gordon Monahan, her husband, is a sound artist and a composer. 

Both of them and the Farm appear in the "Eccentric Eclectic" documentary. However, in this series I explore their living space from a different perspective. Kikauka's excessive aesthetics style creates unique environments. Time moves on its own there as guests come and go. 


Pole walking
Bear shawarma
Tim as Hulk
Gord's organ
Caged heads
Reflective moment
Stuck together
I see you
Morning dew
Cat P.U's view
Tim Clinton
Stormy weather
Squished head
Suzanne greets Gordon
Green room
Sink reflections
Ornamental tire
Tim's fire
Chralie's van, reflections
Charlie's van

© 2020  by Nika Belianina

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