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The Multitude of Self

Who am I and why am I here? A question we've been asking ourselves for thousands of years.

I play with various techniques and mix mediums to uncover the multitudes of self beneath my appearance. As a woman, an animist, an artist and a dreamer I explore the themes of femininity, spirituality and mortality. The hopes, concerns and fears inside my mind take physical form through this experimentation and help me connect to my subconsciousness. 

Ultimately, the process becomes an art therapy, as these - now tangible - feelings come under my full artistic control during the process. 

Ongoing series


Photographs for sale, printed on archival paper, limited edition, signed and inspected by the artist. Available sizes (in inches):

10x10 - $150

10x15 - $200

15x15 - $300

15x22 - $400

20x20 - $450

20x30 - $500

Unframed, shipping extra, shipping worldwide

Order here:

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