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The Robbery


"Sinai" music video
for Elsiane

"I'm gone" music video
for Scarlett Jane

Visual mixing, collaboration

with Jakob Thiesen

Big Foe

"Stun Strike"

Petra Glynt

"Fantasy field"

The River of the Kukamas


Haunted - dance film,
co-created with Holly Small

Peter Lebel

(16mm projectors music)

The Look People - 19 year reunion

"Rise" music video
for Era Chorna

Jesus is Moving Out

Nika Belianina is an award-winning filmmaker who works in both fiction and documentary realms. Five of her projects Nika co-produced with the acclaimed American actor/director Clark Johnson (The Wire, Homeland, Homicide: Life on the street) under Clarkwork Productions. She could also be found behind the camera as a cinematographer of music videos and documentaries. Since 2015 she's been producing content under Write.Right Films.


2023-24 Fear Thy Neighbor - true crime series, 4 episodes 

2023   Paradox - short sci-fi comedy

2021   Haunted - short dance film 

2020   The Robbery  - short comedy *

2018   El Río de los Kukamas (The River of the Kukamas) -  short doc *

2015   Eccentric Eclectic  - documentary *

2015   Holding ground. Breaking ground - documentary for Equality Fund

 (segment director)

2014   Jesus is Moving Out - short doc

2012   The Last Mermaids (Последний путь русалки) -  short fantasy*

2011   Butterflies of Trip City  - short sci-fi *

2009   Jenny  - short drama

2008   Ugly dolls films I & II  - short animation

2007   Crazy Lovin' - short drama*

2006   Afterwards  - short comedy

2005   The Doom of the Orb Master  - short sci-fi comedy (co-director) *

       *   Award-winning

In Development: 

"Doing Time in Paradise" feature comedy

For inquiries please contact

write.right @

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