The Last Mermaids

In the beginning there was water. Then there was life. The end is the new beginning.



In the beginning there was water. In the land of the beginnings spirits mingled with the souls. We played much because we were free. And when it was time for us to go, wondrous spirits danced around us to the music of gods protecting our souls across the interspaces and preparing us for existence. Each one of us made the passage alone. Alone, we had to survive the crossing. 
The exile had begun…

Ben Okri "The famished road"

Production Type: Short fiction

Written and directed by Nika Belianina 
Nika Belianina, Chris Luckhardt of Willowood Films 
Genre: Drama, Surreal, Magical realism
Production Type: Fiction Film
Running Time: 5 mins
Year: 2012

Generously supported by Ontario Arts Council

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Russian version (director's choice, with English subtitles)
English Version


  • Sharjan International Children's Film Festival, United Arab Emirates, 2015

  • Coney Island Film Festival, New York, USA, 2013

  • WINNER - Audience Choice Award for Best Canadian Film at ReelHeART Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

  • Honorable mention at the 55th Rochester International Film Festival, USA

  • 38th Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, USA

  • 27th Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, USA

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