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Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons situated on Navaho's reservation land in Arizona. Their iconic curves are admired by many. Their magical colours shift as the sun beams touch their walls.

With respect to ancient indigenous tribes, these images suggest the existence of the spirit world, full of magic. There are a few figures engraved in the stone and some appear as a cloud of dust. Some may say that these Spirits have found their home here, in Antelope canyons. See for yourself.


Photographs are printed on an archival paper, signed and inspected by the artist. Sizes 20x30 and 20x20 inches are limited editions of 10-12. Please note the name of the image and series prior to ordering.

Click to order:

20x30 - $550 

16x24 - $450

12x18 - $395

10x15 - $115 unlimited edition

Square images:

20x20 - $450

15x15 - $375

10x10 - $85 unlimited edition

Unframed, shipping extra, worldwide

For more please email us at

Magic cave
Vertical light
Purple waves
Dragon Spirit
Inside Dragon's mouth
Happy spirit
Antelope sand
Light from above
Lower canyon
Treasure cave
Curvy tunnel
Inside the crater
The crack
No stone unturned
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