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Two sets of armed robbers head into the same convenience store and encounter not only old friends, but the complexities of splitting the score based on racial, social and economic values.

Production Type: Short fiction

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Genre: comedy, identity politics
Production Type: narrative film
Running Time: 10 mins 10 sec
Year: 2020  Language: English

Starring: Cindy Sampson, Joris Jarsky, Jajube Mandiela and others

Directed by: Nika Belianina

Written by: Yusuf Gad

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  • NSI online film festival, Canada, 2013

  • Artivist Film Festival, Hollywood, USA, 2009

  • ION Film Festival, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, human rights film festival, 2009

  • 15th Stalker International FF, Moscow, Russia, human rights film festival, 2009

  • Steps International Rights Protection Film Festival, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2009

  • DeboshirFilm - Pure Dreams Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2009

  • Purchased by tv-channel "The Country" with 350 cities of broadcasting in Russia and ex-USSR republics.

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Fun fact:

Nika's actual grandmother Dina (legal name Jenny) played the lead role in the film. She always dreamed to be a film star, and had her dream fulfilled at the age of 82. Together with the director, Jenny attended festival's screening in Los Angeles in the heart of Hollywood. Something she couldn't even imagine before. And at the age of 86 she moved back to Russia after living in Canada for 6 years. The film resembles some true stories of her life. In November of 2020 she'll be celebrating her 95th birthday.