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"Haunted" dance film is a unique collaboration between Nika Belianina and an esteemed choreographer Holly Small. Together they crafted a story about a couple, who is trapped in the house in parallel dimensions and tries to escape their realities in attempt to be together in one. Performed by Kaitlin Standeven (pictured) and Brodie Stevenson, the film is scored by John Oswald and commissioned by DanceWorks.Ca Watch it online here -

Comedic short film "The Robbery" is written by Yusuf Gad, directed by Nika Belianina and produced by the team from the "Private Eyes" tv-series (Global). Starring Cindy Sampson (Private Eyes), Joris Jarsky (God's Country, Saw V), Jajube Mandiela (Degrassi), the film is a Winner of Audience Choice award at Cinefest Sudbury.

I'm beyond thrilled to participate in the Curated group show at prestigious Toronto's Abbozzo gallery "Fresh voices". It opens on August 12, 2021 5-8 pm and runs till Sept 4. Address: 401 Richmond St West, Toronto. Pictured here one of my works, "Rebirth".

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