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Comedic short film "The Robbery" is written by Yusuf Gad, directed by Nika Belianina and produced by the team from the "Private Eyes" tv-series (Global). Starring Cindy Sampson (Private Eyes), Joris Jarsky (God's Country, Saw V), Jajube Mandiela (Degrassi), the film is a Winner of Audience Choice award at Cinefest Sudbury.

I'm beyond thrilled to participate in the Curated group show at prestigious Toronto's Abbozzo gallery "Fresh voices". It opens on August 12, 2021 5-8 pm and runs till Sept 4. Address: 401 Richmond St West, Toronto. Pictured here one of my works, "Rebirth".

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

December 2019 I spent in a beautiful village of Macario Gomez, 20 km inland from Tulum, Mexico. It was a month long artist residence program at Xaaninna with almost no electricity, lots of candle light, forest magic, rooster calls and two other artists - Tove Dreinman and Yael Ben David (from Sweden and Israel). I needed to recharge my mind and soul at the end of a busy year. In 2019 I shot a new film (short comedy "The Robbery"), several sequences for the "Moon Cycles" documentary, attended film festivals for "The River of the Kukamas", got bitten by a giant dog in Siberia and survived to tell the story.

This residency not only helped me find work-life balance, but brought me back to photography. It's been a while since I devoted big chunks of time to these creative pursuits. Look out for the updates in various photo categories to see work from Mexico.

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