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A month in Mexican AIR

December 2019 I spent in a beautiful village of Macario Gomez, 20 km inland from Tulum, Mexico. It was a month long artist residence program at Xaaninna with almost no electricity, lots of candle light, forest magic, rooster calls and two other artists - Tove Dreinman and Yael Ben David (from Sweden and Israel). I needed to recharge my mind and soul at the end of a busy year. In 2019 I shot a new film (short comedy "The Robbery"), several sequences for the "Moon Cycles" documentary, attended film festivals for "The River of the Kukamas", got bitten by a giant dog in Siberia and survived to tell the story.

This residency not only helped me find work-life balance, but brought me back to photography. It's been a while since I devoted big chunks of time to these creative pursuits. Look out for the updates in various photo categories to see work from Mexico.



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