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East Coast journey

September 2016 I spent traveling to Canada's East Coast for a self-imposed writing retreat. Stopping in Maine, New Brunswick, P.E.I. and ultimately in Nova Scotia, I extended the work on "Every Place has a Spirit" (previously known as "Encounters") photo-series and wrote a first draft of a new script. The beauty of the Hopewell rocks in New Brunswick captured my imagination. There I chose to do my first ever performance art piece which has now become a part of "Flower-power" art film.

In Nova Scotia, I settled in a cosy cottage with the view of the ocean and the tide literally coming up to the house. When the tide was low, I'd walk the shores and collect firewood that I'd burn later that day. Eagles would make their daily rounds above me and full Moon would shine across the water as I'd kayak deep into the night. It was so magical there that I wrote 93 pages in just six days! Of course, it's no masterpiece at this stage, but it's a big step forward. I'm so excited!


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