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Tbilisi crooked house
Romania film studios
House Number 8
Of rich and poor
Hostel with the view
Choose wisely
Sustainable living, Hawaii
Better life
Fake window 1
Fake window 2
Fake window 3
Fake window 4
All together now
Old and New
Fake window 5
Yonge & Bloor
Colourful Blocks
Coming soon near you
Blue city
Imprisoned nature

Life is truly everywhere.

I am fascinated with the thirst for life and adaptability of human kind to the circumstances. In these series I explore our living conditions together with their design ideas. 

As humanity faces overpopulation of the planet, we are forced to live closer together than ever. Highrisers replace old buildings, cities - farm living. The resulting proximity to each other creates eclectic and nearly claustraphobic environments. There's less room for nature as it becomes a "bonus feature" attraction.

Odd Living

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