Nika Belianina is an award-winning filmmaker and a fine art photographer 

Latest news:

  • Comedy sci-fi short "Paradox" is in prep, co-pro of DGC, Pixomondo, IATSE and W.F. Whites, using Unreal Engine

  • Nika's photography will appear at the Riverdale Art Walk in Toronto, June 18-19, 2022

  • Nika finished directing a block of "Fear Thy Neighbor" crime docuseries for Cream Productions

  • Another art fair participation -  the 61st Toronto Outdoor Art Fair running  July 15-17, 2022

  • Nika Belianina has joined the Director's Guild of Canada as a director, Feb of 2022


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_Haunted_ featuring Kaitlin Standeven

"Haunted" dance film is about a couple who is caught in opposing dimensions of time and space, unable to escape their separate realities as they haunt each other. A unique collaboration between Nika Belianina and choreographer Holly Small, the film was commissioned by DanceWorks.Ca