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Around the World

Smell the air, hear the sounds of life. Not always visible, but the presence of people in this series is obvious. How do we cozy up our private lives? What makes us feel like home? Is it a sound of a working tv, or a distant child laugh? Is it a clink of dishes through a neighbour's window or a morning call of a rooster? What makes each corner of the world so special?

Going through time and space, I collect these little moments of life through imagery. From the past of the castles and ghost towns to the present, in the villages and towns where time has its own pace. Where character still remains.


ongoing series 

Photographs are for sale, printed on archival paper, limited edition, signed and inspected by the artist. Available sizes (in inches):

10x10 - $150

10x15 - $200

15x15 - $300

15x22 - $400

20x20 - $450

20x30 - $500

Unframed, shipping extra, shipping worldwide

Order here:

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