Nika Belianina is an award-winning filmmaker and a photographer 

Latest news:

  • Curated group show opening at Abbozzo Gallery on August 12, 5-8 pm at 401 Richmond St W, Toronto. Show runs till Sept 4.

  • Rochester International Film Festival screening for "The Robbery" is on August 28, 2021

  • New Filmmakers NY screens "The Robbery" August 3rd

  • Just for Laughs film series Eat My Shorts screens "The Robbery" July 28-31, 2021

  • "The Robbery" screens for free June 25-27 at St. John's International Women's Film festival

  • "The Robbery" heads to Australia's Over the Fence Festival, LA Comedy and Philadelphia Independent in late spring of 2021

  • Two honorable mentions for Nika's photography work at ND photoawards, for "Blackfeet Culture" and "Magic Forest" series, Editorial Essay and Night Photography sections, respectively - Nov, 2020

  • Nika takes Best Photography award at "Overzealous" show, autumn 2020 at Neilson Creative Park Center, Toronto


Fresh Voices

Curated group show at Abbozzo gallery opens on August 12, 2021 5-8 pm and runs till Sept 4. Address: 401 Richmond St West, Toronto

Elsiane music video

Coming soon

As soon as Quebec province allowed for gatherings up to 10 people during the pandemic, me and my helper Sean went to Montreal to shoot a music video for Elsiane. There were only five of us on set, including musicians, we wore masks when possible and followed the distancing rules. It was a full day of shooting, tears and laughter in the late spring. Stay tuned for the release of the video!

Casa Xaaninna

AIR in Mexico

December 2019 I spent in a beautiful village of Macario Gomez, 20 km inland from Tulum, Mexico. It was a month long artist residence program at Xaaninna with almost no electricity, lots of candle light, forest magic, rooster calls and two other artists - Tove Dreinman and Yael Ben David (from Sweden and Israel). I needed to recharge my mind and soul at the end of a busy year.  Read more-->

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