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Commissioned work by Convergence Theatre

Covid Confessions

"One day at a time"

Based on the following confession: 

"On March 31st, we celebrate our 17th anniversary, in self-isolation. We first met when I was 6 and he was 16 (he took my older sister to the prom!), then re-met 40 years later.
When we got together 17 years ago, it was on the basis of “One day at a time”, a maxim we are all practicing through these challenging times." I decided to interpret and incorporate all the special numbers in the final work. Published with permission.

VJ art

Together with Jakob Thiesen and Robin Buckley we formed a Sensory Tank Trio. The three of us combine and share our inner worlds to create a fluid yet kinetic singular form that connects landscape, percussion, dance, field recordings, fabric, sound design, and color.
Artist / Musicians Robin Buckley and Jakob Thiesen manipulate and improvise with sampling drum machines and effects processing to create a never ending fluid percussive sound whirlpool. And I support their music with the visuals, majority of which comprise of the footage I collected over the years. It is a female-centric work that explores the topic of identity and a quest for true self. Often haunting and colourful, the visuals are treated as live paintings. 

Snow sounds

In 2013 I joined an art challenge called "Noise project". Each week/month we were given tasks and angles to explore the sounds around us. Here's challenge #2: "This week spend some time paying attention to the little things… the sounds that you tend to ignore and the seemingly insignificant noises that you take for granted. You have 1 week to listen, identify and select one “insignificant” sound and transform it into something “significant.” 

Ceiling Dance

Ever since I discovered Japanese avant-garde dance Butoh, I became fascinated with the idea of a movement. Here's an energy outburst after one of the butoh workshops with Denise Fujiwara. Dance has become an important part of my life and is currently being incorporated in the "Moon Cycles" documentary.

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Aspens installation

In June 2015 a 90ft (27m) long installation made of my Aspen trees photographs from Wyoming appeared alongside a construction site in downtown Toronto (Bay and Wellesley area), thanks to PATCH initiative. Shortly after, other photographers took this as a core idea and started to pop their art up on the construction walls here and there. One of them literally duplicated the idea with his forest at one of the city's main intersections. It was exciting to be amongst the first ones and to inspire others. My installation stayed up till March 2016, when the construction of the sight was completed.

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Bay & Wellesley, Toronto
Bay & Wellesley, Toronto
Installation wide view
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