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Nika Belianina is a filmmaker and a fine art photographer, residing in Toronto, Canada

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  • "Eccentric Eclectic" documentary about creative freedom and the love for music in all its forms will have a joined screening in a week's time! July 31-Aug 2 every day after dark at Electric Eclectics Festival near Meaford, Ontario (Canada) and on August 1 at 4 pm at Labia theatre in Cape Town, South Africa, part of the Sound on Screen Music Film Festival. Past June we danced like crazy in Montreal as Petra Glynt, Gambletron and Lido Pimienta performed live after the screening at Suoni per il Popolo festival.
    Explore the ancient rain forests and wickedly strange kelp formations from the Vancouver Island! I took these after a premiere of my doc at Victoria FF past February.
    It's very cool indeed to see how your past work keeps a life of it's own. Two of my short films - "Butterflies of Trip City" and "The Last Mermaids"  are still getting around! They both will have their Middle East premiere at the Sharjah International Children's Film Festival in UAE in October! It's the first film festival of this kind in the region and definitely a new region to conquer for me. I always believed that kids would like my work, and it's amazing to get an assurance from nonetheless but Dubai region.
    Take a walk on the wild side through the Funny Farm - the hero location of my "Eccentric Eclectic" doc and a home of amazingly talented Laura Kikauka and Gordon Monahan. 
    Beautification Project
    Toronto has been growing rapidly for the last 10 years and has no intent to slow down. Construction is everywhere, noise levels are high as well as the dust levels. A new initiative called the PATCH project tries to make sure people can still enjoy their life despite all this hassle. I am happy to announce that my commissioned project "White Aspens', spanning 90 ft or 27,5 meters is now completed and could be viewed 24/7 at 1000 Bay Street, just a block or so North off Wellesley st, Toronto.
    A showcase of my photo works to be expected on the walls of The Pilot Tavern (22 Cumberland st, Toronto) in September. Come for a drink during TIFF times and see them in real life!

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